Check my EuroJackpot numbers – Results 12 March 2021

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EuroJackpot results are made up of five main numbers and two additional numbers, which are known as Star or Euro numbers. If you match all the seven number you will be a EuroJackpot winner.

There are many EuroJackpot winner in another categories. For example if you match as few as two of the main numbers and one additional number will win a EuroJackpot consolation prize.

This pan-European lottery takes place on a Friday night. The Eurojackpot results create numerous prize winners in every draw it holds.

The Eurojackpot results consist of a total of seven numbers. These are made up of five main numbers plus two additional numbers (which are known as Star or Euro numbers). You have to match all of these numbers drawn in the Eurojackpot results to win the jackpot, however just match a minimum of two of the main numbers and one Euro number and you will become a Eurojackpot winner!

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Eurojackpot is a pan-European lottery game that takes place once a week on a Friday night. Launched in March 2012 this Eurojackpot game plays out very similarly to another European lottery, the EuroMillions. Unlike lotteries which are played in just the one country, the Eurojackpot lottery has numerous countries that participate, which means that top prizes available to win are often larger due to the fact that this lottery pools the stakes from the contributing nations. This lottery has a rollover facility and this allows for the jackpot to increase in value and be as high as €90 million.

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The participating countries in the Eurojackpot are Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Draws take place in Helsinki on Friday evenings and the jackpot is set at a minimum of €10 million. The top prize will roll over until it is won or until it hits the set cap of €90 million.

Eurojackpot Results:

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Eurojackpot Results

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